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Unlike any other program, Prothree Coaching and Rich Allen introduce to you The Pursuit Of Excellence program - Whether you are striving to be a champion in business, your personal life, or sports, everything starts with your mindset. Increasing your mental strength and capacity will lead to significant performance improvements in business leadership. Your confidence, commitment, focus, clarity and enjoyment will be significantly elevated.


The Pursuit Of Excellence program has been developed by Rich Allen over the past 25 years. It is a program born out of the strong correlation between the mindset of a Champion endurance athlete and the mindset of a leading CEO. It is no surprise to see business leaders competing in extreme endurance sports events such as Ironmans and marathons, because they not only have the mental skills to do very well, but they also know that doing these events makes them even better in every aspect of business - Their company does better - Their employees do better.


The exceptional skills these people possess might seem out of reach, but in truth anyone can learn these skills. The Pursuit Of Excellence program uses training for an endurance event (and no it doesn’t have to be an Ironman or Marathon!) as the platform and catalyst to learn these mental skills. Over a period of time skills such as extreme confidence and incredible focus will be organically embraced by your mind. Whether you are trying to lead your $1billion company or improve the KPIs of your small sales team, this mindset program will take you to a whole different level of performance and leadership. And let’s not forget it will also significantly boost your health, fitness and wellbeing, which will further improve your business performance. 


Rich Allen was a professional triathlete for 21 years. He achieved 9x National Pro Championship titles and 7x Ironman event podiums, as well as winning events such as the London triathlon and Ironman 70.3 UK. Rich was part of the British Olympic Program for 8 years and the Scottish Commonwealth Games squad for 4 years. Since retiring he has been Head of Partnership Sales for a NASCAR motorsports team and Executive Director of the Professional Triathletes Organization, before founding his environmentally conscious sports brand called Stingray. He now focuses entirely on improving the performance of business Executives through mindset coaching and helping them achieve 'Excellence' in their performance.

Rich has worked with many successful CEO's, Celebrities, the PepsiCo Europe Executive team, and a British Prime Minister and their Chief of Staff. Even the best can do better!

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The entire program is coached via weekly Zoom calls directly with Rich and requires a high level of commitment with self accountability. The first 3 sessions cover the setup process. 1- Learning all about you, your business and personal life, and your mental strengths and weaknesses. 2- Deciding on an endurance sports goal that you and Rich will work towards and how much time will be allocated each week. 3- Reviewing the physical training program that you will follow each week and any equipment and nutrition you will need. Session 4 onwards will be 

reviewing what has been achieved and learning one specific mindset skill at a time. You will develop 5 mindset skills and 3 additional business skills during the course of the program. In addition to the Zoom calls, Rich is available for a mentoring chat via call or text, any day of the week. This is very hands on!


Team coaching follows the same structure as the 1-on-1 coaching, although there is not any 1-on-1 time. This structure might be better suited for a small sales team, for example, who work closely together in the office and would benefit from training for the same event and need team camaraderie. The team coaching can also follow an entirely different structure whereby the training is done over a 2-5 day corporate retreat. The learning is done during a series of intensive physical training sessions and group seminars, with an event at the end of the retreat. These packages are custom and can only be done at locations with the correct facilities. Finally, a group can be coached just for a 2-4 hour seminar on the fundamentals and the benefits of learning the skills Rich teaches. This will give them some guidelines on what and how to practice.


The Pursuit Of Excellent program has been tried and tested on the very best political, business and celebrity minds. It's a system that's easy to learn with the right structure and platform, and it's a system that can benefit anyone and considerably improve their business performance. Due to the considerable number of enquires Rich receives, he is currently accepting applications from other Executive, leadership and business coaches who wish to become accredited in Rich's 'The Pursuit Of Excellent' program, and learn the specific structure of the coaching. These coaches will also benefit from the overflow and referrals that come from Rich's clients. This system can be a huge compliment to a coach's knowledge and services. Applicants must already be successful Executive coaches with a strong client base and applications will be carefully vetted for selection.


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